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"The Sarawak Dictionary of Acronyms and Abbreviations (Kamus Akronim dan Singkatan Sarawak) lists acronyms and abbreviations in use in Sarawak. It is a collaborative effort between Pustaka Negeri Sarawak and the author, Dr. David J. Jones."

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Acronyms/Abbreviations that start with the letter: E

Acronyms / Abbreviations Full Description
E East
e electronic
e empty
e-cigi electronic cigarette
E-CN Electronic Consignment Note
E2 Enrichment and Enhancement Programme
E2 Enrichment and Enhancement Programme
EAC Environmental Awareness Camp
EAEC East Asia Economic Caucus
EAEG East Asia Economic Group
EALAF East Asia and Latin America Forum
E&E Electrical and Electronics
E&T Emergency and Trauma
EAP employee assistance programme
EAP English for Academic Purposes
EAR Environmental Audit Rule
EAS Equivalent Air Speed
EASA European Aviation Safety Agency
EASS Electrical Association of Sarawak and Sabah
EATOF East Asia Inter-Regional Tourism Forum

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